Just had a read request from a prodco for one of my scripts. Tiniest of steps, but it feels pretty good.

Anyone using this space to coordinate script/feedback swaps? I've got a supernatural noir set in early 80's NYC that I'm trying to get eyes on. My usual feedback folks are swamped and this is a pretty big swerve from my usual indie style.

I'm trying to decide if I'm leaning too heavily into the tropes or if I'm twisting and/or subverting them effectively. It's a fine line when dealing with such a trope heavy genre.

So it's the weekend. Been doing most of my Mastodon posting on my Chinwag profile but wanted to check in here.

So, what's everyone working on?

Having gotten my supernatural noir beta reader ready, I'm now digging in hard to a low budget script. It's got a kind of Hal Hartley Long Island Trilogy kind of vibe.

A bit of a challenge in that I'm leaning into the small personal drama angle, and trying to keep the (often) glib humor that I tend to inject into everything to a minimum.

Anyone else feeling like the exodus to Mastodon has stalled out?

It's like people were expecting some sort of instant cryptofascist makeover over on the Muskboard, and when nothing immediately changed they stayed put.

I wonder what changed since the early days. I remember ppl dropping LiveJournal for Friendster for MySpace for Facebook...

People had no problem jumping to a better platform. What secret sauce do FB and Twitter have at this point? Is it just raw numbers of people/contacts?

Hi. My name is Eric. I'm a screenwriter. It's been 2 weeks since I last bolded a slugline...

I'm an as yet unproduced screenwriter who has experienced some odd success here and there.

My tastes are a bit off-kilter. Influences include Hal Hartley, David Lynch, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Sofia Coppola, all leavened with some of the nonsense you might have found on USA Up All Night back in the day.

Currently polishing an indie dramedy and finishing a supernatural noir.


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