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Status Update from Kyle Kuchta / of the we made last year : The Woodsman 🎄

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Is naming a character with no lines, and who honestly only exists in your script to be shot, after two Star Trek TOS red shirts too on the nose?

Quite possibly the best Monday meeting I’ve had.
Back at my desk before the monitors went to sleep.

The historians and film-makers behind Lady Sapiens: the Woman in Prehistory, a French book and documentary to be published in the UK in September, say they are now seeking to debunk the simplistic division of roles by highlighting advances in the study of bones, graves, art and ethnography often ignored in the public sphere.
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Just read this on another social platform and I like it :blobcatgiggle:

"Mastodon doesn't have a quote function at all. The argument is that people should talk with each other and not about each other."

For any trans people who need to hear this:

Your body is beautiful. You're worthy of being desired, if that's something you want.

Whether you choose to transition (and in whatever direction you want), and wherever you are in that process -- you're seen, you are believed, and I'm proud to be your sibling.

When you look in the mirror, you deserve to hear, "Hey, Beautiful." If you don't hear it in your voice, hear it in mine.

Your strength is incredible. You come from a long tradition of transgender people, stretching back to the earliest days of humanity.

Let the haters shout into the void. You don't need to. The Void already loves you. ✨​

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Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for documentary editors?

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