Sudbury and back again this past weekend to support my short film Diggin' A Hole as part of Sudbury's Tiny Underground Film Festival.

Had a great time and looking forward to flying out to Vancouver in two and a half weeks for the HEX After Dark fest with my film.

Diggin' A Hole, the black comedy short we shot last September, is screening as part of the first Sudbury's Tiny Underground Film Festival on the 24th.

Had to turn down a TIFF party tonight to avoid potentially fucking up my anniversary this weekend via covid.

She say do you love me, I tell her only partly.
I only love McRib from McDonald's, I'm sorry.

A long time ago I was testing out VS Code along with the Better Fountain extension for screenwriting. Ultimately, I moved to neovim for cross platform consistency, including in terminal emulation on my phone with a bluetooth keyboard.

I've come back to it recently to edit an outline and it has gotten so much better. Honestly, this is an incredible _free_ solution for any screenwriter looking to get into the Fountain format and away from janky screenplay editors.

SNK "Regarding your inquiry, we have checked with the person in charge of the related department, but there was nothing we could do.

We are very sorry that we cannot help you this time."

Deep, deep sigh.

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Order King of Fighters 2002 from Humble Bundle because it's supported for Linux. Attempt to download and it's some weird single file that appears to be a shell script and binary smashed together. Doesn't matter whether I use a browser (any browser) or wget, same result. Follow up with HB and they reasonably replied with "Contact SNK as they are the ones supplying the file." Reasonable.

Contact SNK. "Regarding your 403. Contact HB."

Nah. I said nothing about a 403

I have expended the budget set aside for festival submissions for my last film. Nothing to do now but wait and see what happens.

Kino Lorber Puts Online 50 Free Films

Watch Classics by Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman, Taika Waititi & Other Major Filmmakers

Continuing on with editing. I really love DaVinci Resolve, but when I get to needing to do my audio work I will be abandoning it to work in Reaper. As much as Fairlight is solid, it doesn't compete with a proper DAW.

Having finally made my own salsa (habanero with a tomato base), I am never going back to buying salsa again. For real, I made a full 1L mason jar of salsa for like $6 and it's so much tastier than anything I've ever bought from the store.

Pork rinds and habanero salsa forever.

You know, I know better.

I still did a full edit of my current short without temping in any of the soundtrack, foley, or additional sound design. Now that I'm stubbing that content in I am realizing I probably went a little too lean in more than a few places.

Better to know this now then when I think I'm at a final cut and realizing half way through post audio that I need to go back and make changes.

Taking a big swing with the film I shot last year. It has been submitted to Fantastia Film Festival for consideration as part of their 2023 festival.

For this film, it's a big swing and I expect nothing to come out of it. Still gotta swing though.

It still blows my mind that psilocybin mushrooms are so below notice for law enforcement in Canada that you can buy mushrooms in bulk from clearweb sites and have them shipped to you via Canada Post.

And another keyboard bites it. I either need to lighten up on keyboards or buy ones that are more durable.

Finally got around to extended my LVM /home partition to my third drive that was left over from my old system.

It'll be nice to not be required to delete old video projects just to bring in new ones.

On top of everything else, I thought, "Why not do some audio work for a friend while I'm at it?"

First track in a four track chiptune EP from my friend, Simon. Mixed and mastered by me, though I use those terms very loosely.

I dislike discussing projects when I don't have tangible proof of the things that are going on.

Despite that, I've reached a pretty clean edit on my current short. I missed shooting some inserts while we were on location and they are now required to make a coherent edit. Additional shooting to cover those inserts is planned for two weeks from now.

Still lots to do. audio sync, sound design, foley, music, mixdown, titles, and colour. I'm sure I'm missing something, but there's progress.

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