I don't know if 9 years and 13K views makes this a hidden gem or an oldie but goldie. What I do know however, is that this is still funny.


I think I was a bit naive thinking that if I just get the server up and going the real screenwriting people will then get the activity rolling.

Also the twitter deal didn't really make people fully commit to mastodon I think. A little unfortunate for this server, but maybe twitter ain't so bad after all.

What would you folks like to see more of in this channel? I assume we all crave more activity, so more specifically - what do you want?

What do you guys think of the actionline "he gets it" in a screenplay? Obviously we can make the argument that one could see when someone comes to realize something, but should the writer then rather describe what we see that make us conclude that "he gets it"?

I have updated screenwriting.space/about/more with what I believe can be useful information for new users, especially if you are thinking about migrating from an already existing account somewhere else in the fediverse.

It is also now possible for everyone to invite people to this instance.

A special thanks to @dejackson who had some valuable input for this update.

I'll be updating screenwriting.space/about/more tonight with some useful information for users who think about migrating to our instance. Do you guys have any thoughts on what else should be added to that page?

I'm a teacher from Sweden who spends too much time on elaborate procrastination schemes. Starting this instance being on of them.

I hope this little community will kick off and that we can have some fun here discussing filmmaking, screenwriting and storytelling, sharing our work, helping each other out, getting and giving feedback, and so on.

Personally I'm mostly interested in and that is where my creativity sprouts in the context of .

Joining the instance is absolutely free, so please do!

Only donate if you can and want to.

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I have started an instance dedicated to and . Why not create an account and be a part of a nice little community for all of us who love storytelling?

Please read more here: screenwriting.space/about

At the moment we are in the need for some funding, not much but some, in order to pay for appropriate server capacities.

More info here: patreon.com/screenwritingspace


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