I'll be updating tonight with some useful information for users who think about migrating to our instance. Do you guys have any thoughts on what else should be added to that page?

@xleo This isn't the note you asked for, but two things stand out: "instorytelling" should be "in storytelling," and "film making" should be "filmmaking."

If I may go one further: "respectful, kind, and interested"

@xleo How about something like:

Until our Phase 2 funding goals are met, screenwriters in space must provide their own pressure suits.

@dejackson but it was a note I needed. Thank you! I appreciate that you gave it such a thorough read.

@xleo While comparing my to my daygig account, I noted the other instance (.social) has an "Invite People" feature that this one lacks. Would that be helpful in recruitment?

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