I have updated with what I believe can be useful information for new users, especially if you are thinking about migrating from an already existing account somewhere else in the fediverse.

It is also now possible for everyone to invite people to this instance.

A special thanks to @dejackson who had some valuable input for this update.

@xleo @dejackson I’m gonna give this a look over when I get to the office. It’s easier for me to see the bigger picture on a monitor than my phone 🤘


what up on the about page is pretty much what's needed. The only thing i think might be good to add is a # for screenwriting and filmmaking.

They seem to be more important to the bigger picture here given the disparate servers than they were in the bird.

@xleo yeah. That’s what I was thinking

This place seems to run harder on hashtags. I think they help link through all the severs

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