@anawritesthings welcome Ana! Happy to have you here :) What can you tell us about the pilot?

I don't know if 9 years and 13K views makes this a hidden gem or an oldie but goldie. What I do know however, is that this is still funny.


@davidfm Congratulations! What can you tell us about the project?

@puresick I see. Yeah maybe Lenovos ain't what they used to be.

@puresick mainly from what I've heard, but also from my own (albeit limited) experience; Lenovo ThinkPads are great Linux (Arch) machines

I think I was a bit naive thinking that if I just get the server up and going the real screenwriting people will then get the activity rolling.

Also the twitter deal didn't really make people fully commit to mastodon I think. A little unfortunate for this server, but maybe twitter ain't so bad after all.

What would you folks like to see more of in this channel? I assume we all crave more activity, so more specifically - what do you want?

The first one that came to mind: Booksmart. A hilarious (and serious) buddy comedy with the two leading roles being played by women. Check it out!

@dejackson no worries! This is the most exciting action this instance have had, no? :)

Sorry for getting bogged down on tiny details. I'll get back to you on the whole script later this month.

@dejackson @cruzwriter I totally agree, no need to describe facial expressions or in any other way be ridiculously detailed in the action line. As Cruz-Castino said, what is not clear by itself in the action line should be clear by it's context.

@dejackson @cruzwriter I agree that we should probably not micromanage, but I disagree that describing action equates to micromanaging.

@dejackson @cruzwriter no, that is not what I'm suggesting. I am suggesting that the reader should know what it is that Kejndyrrh doesn't know he must do, in order for the "he doesn't” to work. But maybe that's just me.

@dejackson @cruzwriter the problem is that Ynga spoke to Djürstn the moment before that. It is not clear that she is now instead speaking to Kendyrrh.

@dejackson @cruzwriter
That being said, I do like how it looks on the page. And I don't deny that it could be a very nice little nugget of information about how Ynga and... the name escapes me... how they don't seem to understand the situation in the same way, or be really on the same page.

@dejackson @cruzwriter hey! I remember that exchange (sorry for not getting back to you in that script, haven't gotten around to finish it yet). In that particular scene I don't think it works actually, and I think it is because I'm not sure either. Maybe if it was made clearer who Ynga is speaking to and what she is referring to, the "he doesn't [get it]" would work.

I think I agree with you. So what do you think about this scenario, faux pas or reasonable writing?

Jenny is making threats directed to Lisa. Through dialogue Jenny explicitly tell Lisa to do [something] or else...

If we follow that up by writing "Lisa gets it", we are actually not showing emotions through external action but rather explaining what is happening internally in Lisa.

What do you guys think of the actionline "he gets it" in a screenplay? Obviously we can make the argument that one could see when someone comes to realize something, but should the writer then rather describe what we see that make us conclude that "he gets it"?

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