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What is this community about?

This is a community for anyone that is respectful, kind, and interested in storytelling and writing - specifically #filmmaking and #screenwriting. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or a professional, everyone is welcome to join in on the discussions. Feel free to share anything you like, and when you join, why not start by introducing yourself with the #introduction hashtag?


Be respectful to each other. If we see the need to we can complicate this section later on.

I want to join this server, now what?

That is so nice to hear! At the moment this is a really small instance but we want to grow bigger. You joining and being active on this server is what will make that happen! All you got to do is create an account and start tooting.*

However, if you already have an account on another instance and feel a bit hesitant to leave that instance for good - why not consider having two accounts for a while? Create a mirror account, if you will, and check this place out before you decide, if and when, to make this your main stay on Mastodon. Here is a great guide for how you can export and import your current account's data, and also how to redirect, move or delete your account:
Moving or leaving accounts


Why are there so few posts in the federated feed, compared to other bigger instances?
Mastodon only receives federated content from users that someone in your instance follows. So in order for the federated feed to grow, the number of users in the instance need to increase, and/or the number of people that the users follow need to increase.


We are funded by patrons. So if you want to support us and make sure that the server can stay up and running and accommodate our users, please consider becoming a patron at our Patreon page.

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We are hosted by masto.host. Our current plan is "Planet" (9$ / month).

*Terms and conditions: Screenwriters in space must provide their own pressure suits.